Can a DNA test improve your health? One Vancouver laboratory says yes with FitnessDNA

A diet that works for one person might not work for another. Just like an exercise routine that produced results for one person might not produce the same, or any, results for the next person.

But a local laboratory is hoping to help people focus on the methods that will produce the best results, and it’s using DNA to do so.

Molecular Testing Labs, an accredited testing laboratory in Vancouver that specializes in molecular genetics, is now offering DNA testing that will analyze a person’s genetic code to identify the types of diet and exercise habits to which their body responds.

“We hope to provide a solution to a problem that people have been struggling with for some time, people wanting a solution to better fitness and are tired of weeding out the propaganda associated with different diets and exercises,” said Kelly Fobes, pharmacogenomics advisor at Molecular Testing Labs. “We want to provide them a little bit of peace of mind.”

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