My MTL Fitness DNA test confirmed a lot of what we had figured out over time, but also told me a lot more about my body that I didn’t know. Now that I have my genetic makeup all mapped out, my coach and I are able to fine tune my nutrition and training much more efficiently! We are making sure that my body is getting exactly what it needs for fuel and the workouts I’m doing are the most efficient for me. If we would have had this information from the very beginning of my training, I can only imagine how much further I would be and how different my progress would have been.

Danielle H.
MTL Fitness Member

With the Diet and Fitness DNA test from Molecular Testing Labs I have been able to incorporate science into my plan. Taking some of the trial and error out of the equation when working on my fitness and nutrition goals is derived from implementing my genetic report to determine the best course of action. Through this report, I have been able to improve my fitness and understand how my body responds to carbohydrates and fats, in addition to other nutrients.

Stacey E.
MTL Fitness Member

After getting the results back from my DNA test I learned my body does not work best as an endurance athlete.  Even though I love endurance training, my body suffered when I trained for endurance events.  Once I started taking better care of my body by following the DNA results, things started to happen.  I have more muscle on my body while keeping my body fat at a level I feel comfortable with. I am so thankful for this life changing journey. I got my life back!  I am no longer borderline diabetic and I have learned how to take care of me.   I cannot wait to take my body to the next level.

Ingri D.
MTL Fitness Member

My husband and I would diet and get results short term. Start another diet and so on. I didn’t want to diet anymore but just learn about real food that fuels your body right for long term results. I started my meal plan after my second pregnancy and the weight I wanted to loose fell off quickly.  Which lead me wanting more and more results. I did the Fitness+Nutrition DNA test for motivation and inspiration to further my goals.  Which was really cool because not only did I find out how my body likes to work out, but I also found out that my body was lacking in B-12.  If I had not done the DNA test I still wouldn’t know I was lacking such a strong vitamin your body needs. Since I have taken B-12 shots I have had so much more energy and do not feel as tired.  I feel so good, not to mention it helps with your overall bodies health and weight loss. My body does not metabolize this vitamin, so for me I have to get the shot.  If I had never done the DNA test I would have never known this.

Melissa R.
MTL Fitness Member