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The DNA in your chromosomes holds thousands of genes, each of which codes for a specific protein that allows your body to function. The genes are named with a short sequence of capital letters and sometimes numbers. Your genes affect whether your muscles are best adapted to aerobic/endurance activity or anaerobic/resistance conditioning.

Knowing this will help you determine the ideal ratio of endurance-type to strength-type conditioning activities to incorporate into your workouts. Being aware of your genotype enables you to plan your workouts to manipulate this to your advantage.

Other information contained in your comprehensive Molecular Fitness report will identify if you are at higher than normal risk for certain types of injury, or excessive pain and soreness, following certain types of training and provide you with ideas to eliminate or reduce the risks. Additionally, it is common for two people eating the same diet will respond differently. Understanding the types of activity that your body will respond to best is the key to optimizing your Molecular Fitness programming; and our comprehensive test results provide specific information about how your body digests, processes, burns and incorporates foods in your diet

Your Molecular Fitness report is based on current research in peer-reviewed medical research journals. Molecular Testing Labs™ has reviewed hundreds of genes that have the greatest impact on how muscles and your body best responds to various types of training. For example, ACTN3 determines the number of Type II fast muscle fibers that are critical for achieving top athletic levels in strength/resistance such as power lifting; and PPARD and PPRAGC1A are associated with your aerobic capacity.

The specific genes have been thoughtfully chosen with the goal of selecting genes that can be easily controlled to achieve the performance goals an individual sets for herself/himself. If you know where your strengths are, you can leverage them. If you know where your challenges are, you can focus your efforts to minimize them.

There is new research being published monthly and your Molecular Fitness report will draw on the most current and clinically supported information available.


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