MTL Fitness partners with Fortune 500 companies to meet the wellness goals of employers and their employee populations.

A great wellness program impacts your employees and company on many levels: engagement, satisfaction, health, and performance. To create an environment where employees are performing at their optimal levels follow these steps:

Take a fresh look.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your program. What are your goals? Is your current program delivering personalized plans and results? Are employees improving their health and wellbeing.

Keep it simple.

We each have something to work for on a daily basis. Providing scalable, sustainable solutions in the workplace enables employees to take ownership of their health.

Make it personal.

Employees are more likely to engage with the support of a professional coach who can educate and motivate. With a dynamic coach providing personalized attention you will see the energy and outcomes of your program skyrocket.

Increase movement opportunities.

Create movement spaces both inside and outside of the work environment to provide new fitness experiences.

Fuel success.

Personalized nutrition plans can be paired up with the Nutrition + Fitness-DNA analysis to provide snacks and a customized meal plan that fit each employee’s nutrition goals.

Create a culture of performance.

Show that your organization values its employees and wants them to lead healthy, fulfilled lives. Incorporate aspects of Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery so employees can achieve high performance at work and at play.